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ArisAlex is your go-to partner for remote technology solutions without the everyday  hiring hassles.

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Why choose Aristotle’s Alexander?

We know the hurdles that industries face when striving for success in complex environments and at a cost-effective budget, and we understand the challenges surrounding hiring the right team for the right seats. The good news? We’ve got those challenges covered, and we put YOU at the forefront of our motivation. 

Culturally Aligned

While our remote staff can be found in nearshore countries, our team is English-speaking, central-time zone positioned, and culturally aligned. 

Predictive Modeling

Through EQi analysis and Predictive Index assessments, we prioritize candidates based on their team fit in addition to their sheer talent.

Technical Intelligence

Candidates go through an extensive talent screening process ensuring that we only hire and promote the best of the best. 

Continuous Improvement

Our relentless focus on service means guaranteed customer satisfaction. Through feedback and retros, you will truly feel like our greatest priority.

What does nearshore staffing mean?

Hiring nearshore development partners mean that you get all of the advantages of quality, talented, experienced resources who understand your business and industry needs while remaining in a price-effective budget. 

How fast can you provide a resource?

Depending on the size of your need, we typically place our resources within 2 weeks. 

Do you provide a guarantee?

Absolutely. Feel free to try out any resource risk free for an entire week at absolutely no cost. Not the perfect fit? Not a problem. We will quickly replace your resource for one that is a better match.

What type of resources do you provide?

We provide technology resources (such as engineers, architects, software and product developers), project managers, and SCRUM masters. Whether you are looking for a dedicated team or technical staff augmentation, ArisAlex has you covered.


How to get started:

Get in touch - we'll schedule a discovery call to perfectly understand your project and staffing needs.

Meet your team - we'll provide some potential candidates for you to interview and confirm the perfect fit.

Risk-free trial period - start your 7-day trial period; if the trial ends and you wish to cancel, you pay nothing

Full integration - the ArisAlex team collaborates with yours to achieve your goals.

Continuous improvement - our advisors and managers will meet with you regularly to confirm that we are exceeding your expectations.

Remote Work Statistics

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