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IT Consulting

Technology is evolving at a head spinning pace! Understanding exactly what needs to be accomplished and developing a roadmap to get there is critical for success in today’s market. Having the right partner is vital to maintaining a competitive edge.

Field Ticketing

Reduce your DSOs and get paid faster! Reduce your time to invoice and cost of capital. Iliad Field Ticketing moves the entire process online, into real-time, by eliminating limitations through automation, data validation, and cloud technology.

B2B E-Procurement

Send and receive your Customer & Vendor invoices electronically directly from your ERP or accounting system! Our solution for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable is an E-Procurement B2B service that provides connections for your e-invoicing by integrating your ERP with Oildex, ADP, Cortex, Ariba, HubWoo, and more.

Merger and Acquisitions

Prepare for upcoming M&A activities! Companies that have highly trained people, optimized processes, and rock solid technology are most attractive for M&A activities. They also command the highest EBITDA multiples. Our team will work with your Executive Team before, during, and after M&A activities to ensure you get maximum value.

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