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Iliad QHSE Management System Module

QHSE incorporates a dashboard-driven environment to bring together all regulations, requirements and specifications for a comprehensive yet efficient approach to QHSE management and administration. QHSE is easily adapted to meet the demands of any sector which has mandated government monitoring, compliance reporting and auditing. Up to this point, service companies have attempted to meet their regulatory obligations utilizing incongruent and cobbled-together solutions sets.

Our QHSE Module is perfect for you if one or more of the following scenarios match your dilemmas:

  • Changes in the workplace are not being efficiently managed through a formal process but rather through hard-copy documents that require further authorization by multiple persons not present at the worksite (e.g. management); these approvals are often not completed in a time-sensitive manner and/or have the proper risk assessment evaluations attached for adequate decision-making efforts.
  • Workers are completing handwritten Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) and Behavior Based Safety (BBS) observation cards; JSA and BBS cards are then sent back to the home office, typically by boat, where administration staff attempt to decipher illegible handwriting as they manually key in the data; This inefficient process has built-in delays, is riddled with flaws and is prone to oversight errors.
  • Active procedures, work instructions and practices are usually not integrated into formal QHSE processes and risk assessment evaluations; these documents are usually maintained through large, hard-copy binders that are not practical for field use; document and record controls are usually weak or absent.
  • Current safety efforts are not operating in ‘real time’ and appear that they are simply unnecessary requirements in addition to their current duties, which further exacerbates the illusion of paperwork burden and often results in QHSE disengagement.
  • Operators are, and have been, struggling with a tremendous backlog of data entry while personnel report they are ‘pushing paper’ instead of creating, fostering and monitoring an effective safety culture.


Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

QHSE Management System Benefits

  • Reduces administrative costs and hard-copy documents

  •  Potential for reduced insurance and liability costs

  • Gives companies competitive advantage

  • Strong QHSE program assists in alleviating contract disputes

  • Improves the supervisor’s ability to lead their respective teams and achieve satisfactory QHSE performance objectives and targets

  • Improves regulatory compliance



  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC)
  • Customizable
    • Select applicable regulatory agencies for mandated rules and regulations
    • Create and modify Enterprise Divisions, Users, Groups and Permissions
    • Set policies on data sharing across organizations
    • Assign permissions to control dashboard access level
    • Modify Forms, Reports, Calendars, Documents and Permissions
  • Risk Management of products, services and performance
  • End User Customization
    • Customize individual users’ dashboard views
    • Quick access to pertinent data
  • Management of Change
    • Internal/External Communication
    • Document flow
    • Record keeping
    • Facilitate continual improvement
  • Data Collection
    • Convert paper based forms into electronic versions
    • Utilizes Smart Forms to display field sets based upon input
    • Notifications of quotas, deadlines, outstanding or unfinished forms/reports
    • Digitally capture hand written signatures
    • Audio/Video communications for real time collaboration and assessment
    • Audio capture for voice notations and attach images as supporting documentation
    • Internal Social Media for issues, ideas and concerns
    • Awards System
  • Contingency Plan Management
  • Training and Competency Tracking
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Central location to manage organizational compliance
    • Identify regulations requiring proof of compliance
    • Create custom action items to resolve non-compliance

Health and Safety

  • Safe Work Practice Management
  • Required Training Management
  • Tracks exposure hours for employee fatigue management
    • Complete e-forms such as JSEA’s, Incident Reports and Nonconformance Reports (NCR)
    • Manage QHSE issues and link to CAPA processes
    • Report against singular or multiple data points
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Create and customize forms to meet company standards
    • Real-time reporting of work-related incidents, issues and hazards
    • Tracks activities and actions for operational stand-downs and Stop Work events
    • Track payroll time for employees and contractors
  • Manage Qualification
    • Alerts for missing qualifications
    • Notification of expiring employees’ qualifications
  • Integration to accounting/ERP system to automate submission of hours
  • Distribute documents based on user access level or other criteria