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Iliad Field Ops – Field Services Management Software

Over the years, service companies and operators have recognized the inefficiencies of paper based field tickets.  Illegible or incomplete writing, incorrect bill rates, and data entry errors lead to increased invoice disputes contributing to long Days Sales Outstanding (DSO); sometimes as high as +120 days. (Monk & Dell’Olio, 2013)

Field services management software ticketing solutions eliminate these limitations through automation, data validation and cloud technology which moves the entire process on-line, into real time.  Operation managers create job tickets which are dispatched to crews in the field.  Outfitted with mobile devices, field personnel update (or create new) contract compliant tickets that capture required signatures electronically.  Smart forms post fields to the ticket based upon data selection, service types and equipment being used.  This functionality ensures that all costs (billable hours, travel, equipment, materials and labor) are posted to the ticket.

Technology will also allow companies to track, manage and optimize oilfield assets and rentals, people and equipment used in onshore, offshore, surface and drilling oilfield operations. Components and assets can be managed throughout their life cycle – distribution, deployment, maintenance, inspection, certification and redeployment. The field ops solution uses data integration, automation, analysis and predictive analytics to boost uptime, performance and productivity while lowering maintenance costs and the risk of revenue loss.


Field Ticketing

Capture Operator signatures electronically
Operator can view, notate, email, approve or reject a field ticket using any device.
Items posted to ticket based on the service type and equipment being used

  • Prefill form fields
  • Trigger events based on a response
  • Guide respondents based on prior responses
  • Automate the creation of new tasks
Customizable e-Field Tickets Alerts

  • Notification of change status or tickets held too long in a status
  • Email or text daily list of tickets requiring approval
  • Notify accounting when a ticket is ready to be invoiced

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  • Improves pricing accuracy by enforcing customer specific rates, business rules, validation checks
  • Reduces DSO
  • Real-Time insight & reporting into current and historical customer jobs
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Improves resource utilization and overall operations
  • Improves audit & regulatory compliance
  • Reduces cost of capital
  • Maximizes asset performance
  • Controls maintenance costs
  • Gives companies competitive advantage
  • Simplified AFE management with real-time visibility into costs
  • Create single, multi-day and/or call-out jobs, field tickets, job orders and quotes
  • Convert paper based forms into electronic versions
  • Complex price book modeling and management quotes
  • Customize price books for general use, specific customers, date ranges and sectors
  •  Immediate delivery of job tickets to crews in the field
  • Field personnel can create contract-compliant, accurate field tickets remotely
  • Attach job documents such as stamped copies, safety forms, and photos

Asset Management

Real-time management and tracking of assets/rentals

  • Schedules, plans and dispatches jobs, people, equipment
  • Prevents overscheduling of equipment or resources
  • Creates delivery tickets for equipment placed on job sites
  • Integrates with B2B to post all labor, materials and equipment costs
  • Assists field officers in asset inspection and damage detection
  • Monitor Inventory, Supply Chain, Geo-Locations, Movements and Asset history data
Reporting, Maintenance, and Analysis

  • Predictive modeling, Descriptive analysis, Reporting and KPI dashboards
  • Maintenance Management
    • Central repository for Inspections and Maintenance records
    • Sends advance notification for required/preventative maintenance

Employee Management and QHSE Integration

  • Track employees’ qualifications to match job requirements
    • Integrated with QHSE to provide accurate Employee Qualification information
  • Powerful tools for root-cause analysis of asset failures and performance issues
  • Complete procurement capabilities
    • Parts delivery and Service requests
  • Post and notify job schedules and status changes
  • Integrates with Accounting & ERP software
  • Online and offline access