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The Iliad Solution

The objective of Iliad is to provide an electronic application that assures the organization’s processes are seamlessly followed and delivers strategic operational, compliance, verification, and record keeping results. Iliad integrates field operations and QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) into an integrated application suite to provide organizations with the tools they need to address these challenges and improve operational efficiency. While other applications may offer similar services but at a premium cost, Iliad is the only application that combines oil and gas field operations and QHSE compliance into a seamless format designed to meet the customer’s specific needs at an efficient price point.

Cost Reduction Datasheet

Our Cost Reduction Strategy PDF shows exactly how much you could save by implementing our solutions.

Online or Offline.

Iliad Field e-Ticketing and e-Invoicing

Field Ops moves the entire field ticketing process on-line, into real time, by eliminating limitations through automation, data validation, and cloud technology. Operation managers create  job tickets which are dispatched to crews in the field. Outfitted with mobile devices, field personnel update (or create new) contract compliant tickets that capture required signatures electronically. Smart forms post fields to the ticket based upon data selection, service types, and equipment being used. This functionality ensures that all costs (billable hours, travel, equipment, materials and labor) are posted to the ticket.

This type of automation makes collecting data for your field tickets efficient and cost effective. The implementation of field e-ticketing web applications saves you time, money, and rewards you with easier workflows within your day to day tasks. Field technicians can now focus on collecting data without having to worry about papers being everywhere.

Iliad QHSE

Management System QHSE incorporates a dashboard-driven environment to bring together all regulations, requirements, and specifications for a comprehensive yet efficient approach to QHSE management and administration. QHSE is easily adapted to meet the demands of any sector which has mandated government monitoring, compliance reporting and auditing.

Product Overview

Iliad provides an integrated on/offline mobile field operations solution that automates Field Ops and QHSE processes. Leveraging disruptive mobile and cloud technologies, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) converts manual paper-based workflows into streamlined, real-time processes. This functionality will allow Oil and Gas companies to efficiently organize and manage jobs, quotes, field tickets, equipment, people, contracts, price books, labor and maintain QHSE compliance from a central application. Iliad also integrates with Accounting and Enterprise Line of Business (LOB) packages to enable seamless business processes that maximize business intelligence.

System Overview

  • Pre-Built and Custom Forms
  • ERP and Cloud Integration
  • On/offline mobile data entry
  • Assets and Rental Management
  • Centralized data collection
  • Operational Management Tools
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis
  • QHSE Management System/LMS

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We would like to meet with you to understand your business objectives and current limitations. Tackling your business needs first allows us to see how our Field e-Ticketing and e-Invoicing solutions will work for you.

Cost Reduction Datasheet

Our Cost Reduction Strategy PDF shows exactly how much you could save by implementing our solutions.


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