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Nick Istre is Lead Developer at Aristotle's Alexander

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Lead Software Developer

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Hi, I’m Nick. I joined Aristotle’s Alexander as lead software developer and will be the key person in building the heart of our Iliad Field Ops solution. My main jobs are to build a solid foundation for our products and to help build the connection pieces between our and our client various technologies. I also will be helping with administrating the various systems on which our products will run on, such as servers, databases, and cloud services.

Daily Duties

  • Architect 20% 20%
  • Solution Implementation 35% 35%
  • Integrations 35% 35%
  • Random Knowledge 10% 10%

Fun Facts

When I do manage to get my head out of code and servers, I spend time with my wife. Otherwise I have a hobby in photography, mostly of taking pictures my cats and putting them up on flickr. I also play some guitar, would like to get back into ice hockey, and fill whatever time I have left with video games.

Super Power

  • Cat Photography 85% 85%

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