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Jennifer Kendrick is Business Systems Analyst at Aristotle's Alexander

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Business Systems Analyst
SCRUM Master
UI/UX Designer

Be Strong. Be Gentle. Be Beautiful.

Hi! I’m Jennifer, Aristotle’s Alexander’s newly hired BSA, SCRUM Master, and UX/UI Designer. My job is to closely evaluate a businesses needs, perform a GAP analysis to peer into the future, and finalize by helping get the right solutions by utilizing our teams strengths. I work closely with not only the CTO and CEO, but I also work with the developers on a daily basis to make sure all projects are running smoothly, all products are on par, and that the developer has everything they need to get the job done.

Daily Duties

  • Analysis 40% 40%
  • Strategy 30% 30%
  • Design & Development 30% 30%
Jennifer Kicking at Night

Fun Facts

While I am not working, I enjoy martial arts, music, and video games. I currently have belt ranks in Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Karate. Music is a passion of mine. I have 6 years flute experience and have been playing violin for the past 2 years with the Acadiana Conservatory of Music. If I can ever find free time, video games have my attention.

Super Power

  • Super Saiyan Coffee Drinking 100% 100%

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