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Chris Hebert is CEO and Founder of Aristotle's Alexander

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Mr. Hebert founded Aristotle’s Alexander in December 2008 with the goal of leveraging his technology capabilities and industry relationships to deliver innovative systems and software solutions for clients. Mr. Hebert has over a decade of experience in architecture and implementing highly complex solutions and custom integrations for the Healthcare, Energy, Logistics, Government, Education, Financial, and Communications Industries.

Daily Duties

  • Architect 50% 50%
  • Solution Implementation 100% 100%
  • Integrations 100% 100%
  • Random Knowledge 100% 100%

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Be Great

Be Great

Research shows as much as 70% of all IT projects are over budget, delayed, or outright fail. The 30% that succeed do so because they follow a proven process and methodology. Imagine building a house without a blueprint. Suppose your contractor doesn’t provide a quote...

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