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Bryan Fuselier is CTO at Aristotle's Alexander

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Hi! I’m Bryan. I’m the Chief Technology Officer specializing in open source solutions with a focus on real-time data collection and analysis. I have a depth and breadth of experience in wireless communications, mobility platforms, and end-to-end business processes that has provided the Energy and Telecommunications industries with innovative solutions. My primary goal within the organization is to collaborate with customers, involved parties, and development teams to produce an efficient platform with superior quality in the produced solution.

Daily Duties

  • Technology 50% 50%
  • Data 50% 50%
Fun Fact: I like to play with my toes. Especially during business meetings.

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Be Great

Be Great

Research shows as much as 70% of all IT projects are over budget, delayed, or outright fail. The 30% that succeed do so because they follow a proven process and methodology. Imagine building a house without a blueprint. Suppose your contractor doesn’t provide a quote...

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