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Transformation Development Done Right

Sometimes business solutions require a team to code custom web applications to handle IT needs. Our team at Aristotle’s Alexander is fully equipped to take on such tasks. Our e-invoicing integrations and field e-ticketing projects are only a few of the many projects we have successfully completed. From web applications, to mobile apps, our development can get you moving. We provide a thorough development process that tackles all of your business’ web application needs.


Web Applications

We use only the best tactics to handle custom web application development for all of your business’ possible needs. Throughout our Agile development lifecycle, we tackle all predefined requirements to assure that all valuable components are included in the final product. During every step of the way, the stakeholders, business analysts, and SCRUM masters will work closely together to make sure that everyone is always informed on the latest information. Through vigorous testing, the client will be hands on and knowledgeable of how their final product will work.

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mobile application development

Mobile Apps

Having a mobile application is a key factor to being able to access your data anywhere, at any time. We build our apps with mobility in mind, allowing for users to access data online and offline. This is especially helpful for companies in need of data collection while working onsite, such as in an oil field. Our way of tackling mobile development is the same as tackling the build of a website. Mobility comes in mind at all aspects of the project.

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Collaborative Portals

Collaborative portals allow companies to come together to complete all tasks necessary so the quality of their work is met by outstanding user interface design and functionality. We customize applications, such as Sharepoint 2013, to help a company meet their business needs on a daily basis. These portals are great for QHSE, competency, risk assessment, employee certification training as well as management, and much more. Read More


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