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IT Needs Met by Custom Web App Development

Companies often find through consulting that their IT needs can be met by coding custom applications. Web applications make day to day workflows easier. When the time comes for building and implementing custom web apps, our team is full equipped with the knowledge and tools to create the perfect applications for your business. Implementation of these types of solutions results in higher ROI, smooth workflows being performed daily, and employees who can focus on the task at hand. From Field e-Ticketing apps, to asset management, there is no job too big for us to handle.

About Our Development Process

Daily scrum updating the sprint planOur custom web application development process is the most thorough in the business. We don’t believe in simply building an app to solve a problem. We begin by determining the true value that the app would give to the business. Our blueprinting process starts from the beginning by determining true business value to ensure we address the problem that needs to be solved and work our way up from there. Once business value is determined, we meet with stakeholders, evaluate current solutions, provide a gap analysis, and measure each step to insure we are meeting the business’ needs.

Agile SCRUM Methodology

agile-scrum-lifecycleOnce in the app development phases, our team engages with the organization at a constant rate. Utilizing the Agile SCRUM development methodology, new features are released to the customer after thorough internal testing within what is called the “Agile Lifecycle.” Components of the project are released through development increments called Sprints. Through the Agile SCRUM methodology, we find that a higher percentage of thoroughly tested application components are released quicker throughout the entirety of an applications lifecycle. This allows for our developers to work efficiently, for the stakeholders to always understand our current progress within the project, and for our business analysts to work closely with the team and client to have the best understanding possible in order to meet all agreed upon deadlines.

For more information about the processes we use, visit the Wikipedia article here


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