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Chris Jenkins

Winner of Review to Win $500.

A little about Chris

Im Their Web GuyChris Jenkins is a Florida based code enthusiast, entrepreneur, consultant, and craft beer connoisseur. As the owner of imtheirwebguy.com, he is well-versed in the analysis of code and website design. His website features an array of posts, wittily titled might we add, covering topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress customization, Google reviews, and more.

Chris is an active coder who gives back to the community. He writes tech blogs about Google Glass here, and has developed a plugin for WordPress, called Two Column Admin, which can be found here. If you are looking for a WordPress (or website) dev, be sure to contact him .

I love code, craft beers, and long walks on the beach while playing Ingress. I’m happily married to my best friend, and the proud father of two.
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What did Chris have to say?


CLICK METhank you for sharing your honest opinions. Your input is valued and we are working to correct the site and take into consideration your advice. Some of the things we have actively changed already, and will further improve the site with anything remaining.

Some notable features that Chris pointed out were:
– Changes to better utilize the top 50% of the page.
– Positioning of certain elements on the site to make it more balanced
– Corrections to css and other styles
– Ideas for additional content to be added for our Louisiana Entertainment section
– A new way to present our datasheet until it is live.

Input, like this from Chris, is highly valued not just by Aristotle’s Alexander, but from any web developer or designer. A world molded by aesthetics brings about many challenges that are only emphasized when viewed electronically, presenting a very distinguished set of mountains to conquer. Thanks to people like Chris Jenkins, we are able to mold our viewing experience to best suit our audience.

We hope that our $500 buys him a great glass of beer to celebrate!
Congratulations, Chris Jenkins, and Thank You!