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Pine Island Chemical LogoAristotle’s Alexander announces the successful release of the field services application for Pine Island Chemical Solutions.

Field operations involves a wide variety of processes that get a job done. From tracking wells and tanks on fields for customers, to running reports and submitting field tickets, a company will soon see the amount of effort needed in order to keep their processes organized. Aristotle’s Alexander created a solution for Pine Island Chemical that allows them to not only create field tickets and run reports, but also customize injection plans so that they know exactly what wells, header systems and tanks are associated to customers, fields and leases. This association creates a plan for their field technicians to accurately record data about that site. In addition, the slick user interface makes it easy for a field technician to create a field ticket for a job. The solution for Pine Island Chemical has real signature capabilities and a camera module in case a customer requires stamp approvals. All data can be entered and stored whether they are offline or online. This makes all information mobile and accessible. This solution shows the possibilities of a digital oilfield.

“By implementing the PICS Field Ops application, we have been able to streamline our field operations allowing us to more proactively respond to our customers and their chemical management needs. In our current economic environment, we need to be as efficient as possible to deliver value to our customers.” –John Michael Chachere

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