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Research shows as much as 70% of all IT projects are over budget, delayed, or outright fail. The 30% that succeed do so because they follow a proven process and methodology. Imagine building a house without a blueprint. Suppose your contractor doesn’t provide a quote before beginning construction. No plan, no budget – how likely is this house building to be successful?

Software is infinitely more complex, so why would you quote or write code without a blueprint?

The answer is you can’t effectively, and that’s why projects fail.

In order to ensure you’ll be in the 30%, Aristotle’s Alexander answers these questions during the Blueprinting Phase:

  • Business Case – Why are you doing this project? What are the quantifiable and unquantifiable characteristics of the project? What specific performance, competitive, administrative, cost, resource, and time benefits will be gained with this project? What are the specific goals and objectives that we will measure success by? What is the specific financial return on investment expected by investing in this project?
  • Project Charter – Have we defined the scope, objectives, and participants in the project? Have we provided preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities, outlined the project objectives and identified the main stakeholders?
  • Requirements Gathering – Have we defined and documented the current Business Process, Business Requirements, Use Cases, and Technical Requirements? Have these been reviewed and approved by the various stakeholders and agreed upon?
  • Project Planning – Has a project plan been created? Have all Tasks, Risks, and Dependencies been identified? Have we created a Communications, Change management, and Test Plans? Has this been approved by all of the stakeholders?

Once these items are completed we have our “blueprint” for the project. At that point, we provide a statement of work with costs and timelines that we can stand behind, will be predictable, and will have no surprises. Without the blueprint it’s a crap shoot. This is what most companies do and why most projects fail to measure up.

We do these things beforehand to protect you, your budget, and the project. Anyone that gives you a firm quote without first completing the above steps is setting you up to be in the 70%. This is why we strongly encourage you to conduct the Blueprinting Phase before selecting a vendor. After we complete the Blueprinting Phase, you can take our plans to any vendor to have the actual development done. We hope you will have it done with us of course, but the choice is yours.